BSC Folks

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The BSC Folks project, launched in 2015 to coincide with the centre’s 10th anniversary, aims to act as a meeting point for researchers and other staff who have worked at BSC.

Since BSC was founded in 2005, many people have contributed to the centre’s growth through their skills and experience. BSC Folks is intended to act as a platform through which they can keep in touch.

We invite you to actively participate in this network by sharing information of interest to the community, as well as knowledge and experience.



What does BSC Folks offer?

  • Access to the network of members who have previously worked at BSC.
  • Priority registration for BSC workshops, seminars and training sessions.
  • Information about career opportunities contributed by the BSC Folks community.
  • Opportunities to participate in new projects and other initiatives.
  • The opportunity to participate in future activities or meetings for former BSC members, for example, “BSC Folks Symposium”.


Let’s stay connected with BSC Folks!